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2015 Point Chase Rules


Rude Dog Pullers will be conducting a point’s chase in 2015. Points will be awarded to a  tractor and can be driven by any driver in classes.  Each class will run 2 rounds of pulling at an event. First round 1000# and second round 1100#.  Note:  All earned pints will go to the tractor.  Tractor may only be entered once in a class to earn points.  Numbers will be given to each tractor that run the points chase. We are running 8 tractor pulls this year you will be able  miss 1 pull and still compete in points.

Classes Eligible for Points:

3600 Governed

4000 Governed 16HP max

4000 Governed 20HP max

4000 Governed 25HP max

4000 Max

16HP Hydro

25HP Hydro

Single Mod

5000 gov single

5000 gov twin

1050 Stock Altered

1050 Pro Stock


Any other class can be added provided there are at least 3 entries.All pullers will pay 1$ extra and will be in the points series weather you want to be or not.

 at the end of the season all that 1$ per hook will go into the points fund.      Note class payouts, amount, and positions at the end of the year will be based upon the number of participants.   Only points pull will be allowed to be dropped allowing the puller to count his/her best seven pulls.  In the event of a rainout, if not rescheduled, the total number of points earning pulls will be reduced.  How Points will be calculated.  Points will be based on a 25 point system.    1st place will be awarded 25 points.  2nd place 24, etc until all positions are assigned points.  Points will be posted on an event basis.  Once the maximum number of events are attained, the contestant will continue to earn points and the lowest event total will be removed.